This weekend in NFL stupid

Sadly, there is only one final edition of this mean-spirited weekly segment left, but the Super Bowl is always chock-full of stupidity, so that should be fun. And the conference championship games certainly didn't lack stupid, so here goes it.

The stupidest policy

We've ranted about this all season, but it almost cost a team a trip to the Super Bowl this weekend. Every play in every game that isn't a judgment call (and frankly, even some judgment calls) should be reviewable, period. Coaches only have so many challenges, capped as soon as they get one wrong, so it really doesn't hurt to open things up across the board. 

It's absolutely stupid that seven officials failed to see that NaVorro Bowman recovered this Seattle fumble in the fourth quarter, but it's even stupider that they weren't allowed to utilize replay in order to get the call right.

If we're talking about scrums, I get it. But in a scrum, you're not going to get clear visual evidence for an overturn anyway. In this case, there was indisputable visual proof that the 49ers recovered the fumble, but Gene Steratore's hands were tied. 

Everything about this play was stupid. Thank goodness the Football Gods caused Marshawn Lynch to fumble on the ensuing fourth-down play. 

The stupidest use of timeouts

I don't care if the ensuing play worked like a charm, Pete Carroll can't use a timeout in the second half of a close playoff game for no reason other than to organize his players and/or thoughts. That's what happened on a 4th-and-7 play at the San Francisco 35-yard line Sunday evening. The kicker, Steven Hauschka, was late getting onto the field, and the 'Hawks weren't ready to make the decision on whether to kick or go for it. 

After the timeout, they gambled and scored a touchdown, but it was still a stupid timeout call. That decision should come more quickly. 

And then, later in the quarter, they used yet another timeout on a second-down play inside 49ers territory. Unacceptable. 

Had that Colin Kaepernick end-zone throw in the final minute been six inches higher, and had Michael Crabtree caught it, the 'Hawks would have had only one timeout and 25 seconds on the clock. 

Crippling. Ultimately not costly, but still stupid.

The stupidest rant

I know he's receiving lots of praise, but I think this was a selfish, juvenile move from Richard Sherman…

The stupidest third-down play

This is more wimpy than stupid, but it sends a stupid message. I know it's 3rd-and-20, but you've got to try something a little more daring than a screen to Julian Edelman here, New England…

The stupidest throw

What the hell were you thinking, Kaep?

Things had gone so well up until that point. 

Troy Aikman: "I don't know what Kaepernick saw that made him think he could get that ball in to Anquan Boldin. Just a terrible decision."

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