The five best fan bases in the NFL

We always throw around the term home-field advantage, especially when the weather turns cold and the schedule becomes shorter. For some teams, being on familiar turf is almost a guaranteed victory, while for others it means nothing. Heck, a few franchises openly beg their fans not to sell tickets to the other fan base. Now that is  a sad story.

So which teams have the best fan bases? These rankings are based off a combination of loyalty and volume at games:

5. Cleveland Browns

Cleveland is a tortured city, still waiting for its first professional sports championship since 1964 when the Browns toppled the Detroit Lions. The Browns have put their legions of supporters through a string of brutal losses, ranging from Red Right 88 to “The Drive” and “The Fumble.” Since becoming a franchise again in 1999, the Browns have been truly pathetic and yet the fans continue to come out in droves. Cleveland still has a loud stadium, saying more than enough about these people.

4. Green Bay Packers

The Packers have been really good for the past 20+ years, enjoying the fruits of Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers. However, there was a brutal 25-year stretch before that which included a grand total of zero playoffs wins and a quarterback named Lynn Dickey. The fans have provided unwavering support in good and bad times and make Lambeau Field a national treasure. No group of people love their team more than Packers fans.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh is one of the toughest cities in America, and on autumn Sunday’s the patrons show it. The Steelers have been helped out by some of the loudest and most creative fans in the country, with the fan base blossoming in the early 1970’s. At Three Rivers Stadium, the fans were known for making large banners dedicated to all the players. In current times, the Steelers enjoy a raucous building eight times per year, and often more than that.

2. Seattle Seahawks

Anytime you have a fan base nicknamed “The 12th Man” and have retired the number 12 in their honor, you have something special. Seattle is enjoying a love affair with its fans that has been going on since the team was created in 1976. The Seahawks’ crowd has become famous for its volume during the last five years, with the franchise finally winning its first Super Bowl in 2013. Few venues on Earth match the intensity of CenturyLink Field.

1. Kansas City Chiefs

When you hold the Guinness Book of World Records mark for loudest outdoor venue in the world, you win. Arrowhead Stadium is a football cathedral despite the Chiefs failing to make deep playoff runs there over the years. It is the only stadium which gives off a college feel, with all the fans dressing in red. Kansas City has shown unabashed passion and loyalty to the Chiefs over the decades. After two consecutive winning seasons, it might be paying off.

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Matt Verderame, 26, is a New Yorker who went to school at the frozen tundra of SUNY Oswego. After graduating, Verderame has worked for Gannett and SB Nation among other ventures.