Aaron Rodgers on Packers’ offense: ‘Maybe I just need to let it fly more’

Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers have been struggling offensively for the second half of the season. The struggles have not been getting better and in fact have been getting worse. It is enough to make Rodgers and the Packers rethink through what they have been doing and consider changing things up.

Even Rodgers is talking about changing things up and might let the ball loose down the field a bit more against the Washington Redskins in their NFC Wild Card matchup.

“Maybe I have to adjust my mindset and kind of let it fly a little more because we’ve had some success doing that, throwing the ball down the field, adjusting some routes, making some scramble adjustments and playing a little looser because the urgency is up in those moments,” Rodgers said. “Hopefully, we can start the game in that mindset collectively and put together a better performance.”

Green Bay has had success when throwing the football deep, especially over the past couple weeks with James Jones. Outside of Jones, the rest of the wide receiver corps has been struggling in a big way.

Randall Cobb has yet to prove that re-signing him was the right move for the Packers. He has had a poor season to say the least and has not made much of an impact for the Packers. That has to change this week for Green Bay to have any chance at winning and advancing to the divisional round of the postseason.

Davante Adams has been a major disappointing for the Packers as well. He was expected to have a breakout season in his second season, although that has not ended up being the case.

Rodgers is obviously frustrated with the way the offense has played and will continue being frustrated until the team figures things out.

Expect to see the Packers make some changes against the Redskins this weekend. They can no longer afford to wait and see if the offense can pick things up with the current routes and strategies that they have had. Rodgers is going to be much more aggressive this week and the Packers will live or die off of that aggressiveness.

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