DeSean Jackson to Chip Kelly: ‘Karma comes back on you’

DeSean Jackson was one of the many roster moves that Chip Kelly messed with during his short tenure as the Philadelphia Eagles’ head coach and general manager. He chose to release Jackson and the wide receiver immediately decided to join the Eagles’ NFC East rival Washington Redskins.

Now the tables have turned completely, as Jackson is in the playoffs with the Redskins and Kelly has been fired as the Eagles’ head coach and general manager.

Jackson took a shot at Kelly in a recent interview and said things that he has been waiting to say since Kelly decided to release him and mess with many other players as well.

“I’m a firm believer that bad karma comes back on you,” Jackson said. “When you ruin a team like that, you do things to peoples’ families, you release people, you trade people, you get rid of good players who build something with the community, with the fans, with the kids—to have a guy come in and change up the team like that, I just believe in karma. I don’t have any bad words to say about him as far as what he feels he needs on his roster. But the guys that were on that roster created something special, from Jeremy Maclin to LeSean McCoy to Trent Cole to Todd Herremans and myself and Brandon Boykin; it goes on and on and on. When we were there we were a brotherhood. So for everyone to go their separate ways and to see how it all ended up, it’s a very sad thing.”

Throughout the course of the 2015 season, Jackson has been a huge piece for the Redskins. He missed a big chunk of time due to injury, but has bounced back and been a leader when healthy. Jackson will need to continue doing that this week in the NFC Wild Card round against the Green Bay Packers.

Jackson caught 30 passes for 528 yards and four touchdowns throughout the 2015 regular season.

Those numbers may not look huge from the outside looking in, but he put them up in 10 games and averaged 17.6 yards per reception. Couple that with the fact that the Packers have been known to give up big plays down the field and Jackson should be expected to have a big game.

All of that being said, Jackson has to feel much better being able to get that off of his chest. It is obvious that he was very upset with the way things ended in Philadelphia and how he was treated by Kelly. That can be said about many of the players that Kelly traded or cut and they all have the last laugh now.

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