Jim Harbaugh takes shot on Twitter at San Francisco 49ers

Jim Harbaugh was fired by the San Francisco 49ers last offseason and the team decided to go with Jim Tomsula to replace him. That decision ended up backfiring for the 49ers and they have reportedly decided to fire Tomsula just one year after he took over the job.

Following the news that Tomsula had been fired, Harbaugh took to his personal Twitter account to take a shot at the 49ers.

During his first year at Michigan, Harbaugh had major success with the Wolverines. He helped take them back to contention in the Big Ten and the future couldn’t look brighter for the football program. It has become obvious that the 49ers made a terrible mistake by letting Harbaugh go free.

He coached the 49ers for four seasons and led them to a Super Bowl appearance. They ended up losing to his brother’s Baltimore Ravens, but he still showed that he can have success at the NFL level. Harbaugh ended his 49ers’ career with a 44-19 record, which made him a very surprise candidate to be fired.

It would not be surprising to see Harbaugh end up back in the NFL at some point during his career.

San Francisco has a long road ahead of them to get back into playoff contention. They will need to find a legitimate franchise quarterback with Colin Kaepernick’s struggles and a coach that can help bring the team together. Harbaugh is exactly the kind of coach that they desperately need to get back on track.

This situation has to feel very good for Harbaugh after the way that he felt he was wronged by the 49ers. He didn’t take long to send this tweet out after the Tomsula news, which makes it obvious that he is happy about it.

Expect to see the 49ers begin their coaching search soon and to target one of the bigger names to be their next head coach.

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