Mike Pettine on the future: ‘Nobody wants to hear it takes time’

The Cleveland Browns are sounding more and more like they will fire head coach Mike Pettine and move forward this coming offseason. Pettine has not done a very good job with the Browns and has done an even worse job of taking care of and demanding respect from his players. His voice has not been respected in the locker room and it has not been a pretty couple of seasons for the Browns.

Pettine commented on the likelihood that he is done in Cleveland and talked about how fans and ownership don’t want to hear that rebuilding a team into a contender takes time.

“If it does go the wrong way for me, my biggest regret is not being able to deliver for these fans who have suffered for a long time,” Pettine said. “It’s a pass-fail league. Nobody wants to hear it takes time.”

Cleveland fans haven’t seen their team be a legitimate contender for quite some time. Most of the lack of success is due to the front office personnel that they have had. They have not drafted well and have not made moves in free agency or on the trade market well either.

There is no doubt that Pettine has a future as an NFL coach, but a fresh start would be good. He has been drawing heat from the Browns’ fan base all season long and that extra stress is something that no head coach needs.

If the Brown do indeed fire Pettine this coming offseason, they will see him go out with a 10-22 record.

Expect to hear definite news about Pettine over the next 24 hours as the Browns make their moves official. It could be as early as this evening, but for now it sounds like even Pettine knows that the end is coming for him. Rumors will begin swirling about who the Browns want to replace him soon and we will have that coverage for you.

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