Top 5 NFL Players from Week 3

This weekly segment will highlight the best performances of the week in the NFL. Every position and player is eligible, all it requires is a truly epic showing. It’s not always stat driven, or analytics grade driven, though those things help you get on this list.

1. Devonta Freeman, RB, Atlanta Falcons

He gashed the Saints at will on Monday night in the Superdome. He rushed for a weekly best 152 yards on just 14 carries and added 55 yards receiving to go with a score. The Saints couldn’t do anything to stop him and he was largely responsible for the 45 point output.

2. Trevor Siemien, QB, Denver Broncos

Some argue that the Broncos could win with anything at quarterback, while others argue that Siemien will be the death of them. One thing is for sure: if he continues to play like this you can book the Broncos’ ticket to Santa Clara. He went 23 of 35 in Cincinnati for 312 yards, 4 touchdowns and more importantly no interceptions, leading his team to a 29-17 win.

3. Marvin Jones, WR, Detroit Lions

The Lions may have lost but they made a big early deficit early close thanks to Jones going off. He turned his six catches into 205 yards and 2 scores.

4. Terrelle Pryor, WR, Cleveland Browns

With so many injuries everywhere on offense the Browns have turned to Pryor as their sole playmaker and he responded. In a loss to Miami he caught 8 passes for 144 yards, rushed 4 times for 21 yards and a touchdown, and even went 3-5 for 35 yards passing. It marked the first time since the AFL-NFL merger that a player caught 3 passes, attempted 3 rushes and threw at least 3 passes. Pryor came close to beating the Dolphins by himself.

5. David Amerson, CB, Oakland Raiders

He was ranked #1 this week by Pro Football Focus. They said the following about him:

You won’t find a better cornerback performance that didn’t involve an interception than the show put on by David Amerson this week against Tennessee. Thrown at 11 times, Amerson allowed just four catches for 38 yards, and broke up five of the incompletions. In total, a third of Titans QB Marcus Mariota’s pass attempts were sent Amerson’s way, but Amerson yielded only 17.8 percent of the yardage while breaking up those passes. It’s hard to think it isn’t that long ago that he was run out of Washington due to his poor play there.

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