Super Bowl XLVIII Position-by-Position Comparison

There is no question that both the Broncos and Seahawks are sound in all areas: offense, defense and special teams. But who has the advantage at each individual position? That's where we come in. Below is how these two teams compare. Keep in mind the great equalizer that can be the weather, though. Sometimes it […]

This Given Sunday’s 2014 First NFL Mock Draft

With the Super Bowl set between the Broncos and the Seahawks and the season close to its end, what better time to enter into the draft discussion? With that This Given Sunday presents its first mock 2014 NFL draft of the offseason. Mind you this won't foresee the many possible trades. Also missing at this […]

Khiry Robinson Possible Saints Back of the Future?

When you think about the New Orleans Saints offense you think of their explosive passing attack. With Drew Brees, one of the best in the game, and the surrounding weapons of Jimmy Graham, Lance Moore and Marques Colston, most don't give their running game much thought. To be honest, all you have to look at […]

Elite Rooking Rankings Week 17 Final Standings

The season comes to a close and below are the final 2013 1st round draft pick rankings, 1 through 32, for the season. The highest graded player for week 17 was Dee Milliner, who notched two interceptions to end his season with a bang. He was the highest graded player in week 16, too, so […]

Elite Rookie Rankings Week 16

Week 16 was another terrific week for the 1st round draft class, made more impressive by how well some of the guys towards the bottom of the rankings did. Some real pleasant surprises this week. Most surprising perhaps is that Dee Milliner is my highest graded 1st round pick this week. Despite consistently staying at […]

Elite Rookie Rankings Week 15

With two weeks left to go the 1st round pick rankings are coming to a close. Overall this class was decent at times but disappointing in whole. The highest graded 1st rounder this week is Desmond Trufant who's been a real gem for the Falcons depsite their miserable season. Make the jump for the updated […]

Elite Rookie Rankings Week 14

I'm calling week 14 the "block party" as three of my four highest grades players are offensive linemen. Eric Fisher finally put a game together worthy of his draft status, and Kyle Long and Travis Frederick both had monster games against each other on Monday night. The only non offensive lineman in the top four […]

Elite Rookie Rankings Week 13

The 1st round picks have wrapped up the 3rd quarter of the season and have four games left to play. This week I graded Ezekial "Ziggy" Ansah the highest for his two sacks on Thanksgiving, contributing in a big way to the Lions' dominating defensive performance. Overall week 13 was a poor week for the […]

Elite Rookie Rankings Week 12

Twelve weeks into the season we're starting to get a feel for what the rankings mean for the 2013 1st round draft class. At this point 1 through 8 are rookies having excellent to good seasons. 9 through 15 are having up and down seasons, but with splashes of excellence. 16 through 20 feels like […]

Elite Rookie Rankings Week 11

The 2013 draft class played fairly well this week. While there were no breakout performances with the possible exception of E. J. Manuel (the top graded 1st round pick this week), most contributed in a positive way. There were a few disastrous performances too (Fluker, Fisher and Mingo). Five 1st round picks weren't able to […]

Elite Rookie Rankings Week 10

This week we had what I consider, by far, the most impressive one game performance of the season by a 1st round draft pick in the 2013 class. That player would be Tavon Austin who finally broke free and went nuts for the Rams, giving them what they were hoping they'd see when they drafted […]

Elite Rookie Rankings Week 9

Week 9 was arguably the best week so far for the 2013 1st round draft class. While no one had what I would call a breakout performance, it was very solid from top to bottom. Many of these players are starting to develop into quality starters, and we even saw some surprises from guys that […]

Elite Rookie Rankings Week 8

Week 8 was a miserable all around performance by the 2013 1st round draft class. I'm starting to come to the conclusion that this class is just not that great overall. The top of the class in particular has just been really disappointing. The highest graded player this week is Cordarrelle Patterson thanks to his […]

Elite Rookie Rankings Week 7

The 2013 1st round pick class had a decent week with a couple touchdowns and some huge defensive performances. None were better than that of Star Lotulelei, who is playing a massive part in the success the Panthers' defense is having. Five of the 32 picks were inactive this week due to injury, so the […]

Elite Rookie Rankings Week 6

There's been some quiet performances from the 2013 1st round draft class this season but there some truly memorable outputs this week. We're starting to see the toll of an NFL season on these inexperienced players as 5 of the 30 1st round picks playing this week were injured. We're also seeing the ones that […]