10 injured players needing a bounce-back season in 2016

Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys Had Romo been able to stay healthy throughout the season, the Cowboys would have ran away with the division and safely into the playoffs. The year prior, the Cowboys nearly won their playoff game against the Packers (they should have, but that is for another article). The team was ready to […]

15 Prospects to Keep an Eye on for the 2017 Draft

Deshaun Watson, QB, Clemson (Junior) Watson is far and away the best quarterback prospect in the class. As a true sophomore, Watson took Clemson to a national title game and nearly beat the most menacing team in the country. He made incredible plays throughout the year on the way to the championship game, proving he […]

Ranking every quarterback drafted

With quarterbacks now locked in with certain teams, it is important to factor in team fit into the equation when ranking these quarterbacks. Some passers landed in difficult situations, while others ended up in prosperous environments for their skill sets. The order will still be loosely based off of talent, but factoring in their new […]

NFL comparisons to top NFL draft prospects

Jared Goff, Cal ~ Sam Bradford, Philadelphia Eagles The parallels between these two are stunning, aside from Bradford being a good 15-plus pounds heavier coming out of Oklahoma. Like Bradford, Goff is a rhythm based passer that does most of his damage near the middle of the field. He is more than capable of going […]

Ranking the second-tier quarterbacks in the draft

Vernon Adams Jr. Oregon (2nd Round) For a number of odd reasons, Adams had been swept under the rug for most of the draft process. Seeing as he was an FCS transfer whose job was to replace Heisman winner and No.2 overall pick Marcus Mariota, it made sense that he was brushed aside. Adams was also targeted by a […]

Under-the-radar Super Bowl 50 matchups

Owen Daniels vs Carolina’s Linebackers Whichever wide receiver is lined up against Carolina’s Josh Norman is going to essentially be taken out of the play. Norman has been one of the most dominant cornerbacks in the league this year and is a threat to intercept any throw, especially against a weakened arm like Peyton Manning’s. […]

Does the Panthers’ banged-up secondary make them vulnerable?

The Carolina Panthers have been known for the past few years for the outstanding defense. This year, Cam Newton elevated the offense to new heights, and that left the defense to be brushed under the rug by many. They have not fallen off at all. If anything, the full blossoming of Josh Norman made the […]

Black Monday preview: Which NFL coaches should be fired?

For about half of the league’s head coaches, Black Monday is an annual day of fear, if not utter demise. The season ends and some front offices immediately give their coach the ax. Of course, a few coaches will slip through the cracks and miraculously retain their jobs, but franchises are generally impatient and more […]

Has Kirk Cousins earned a long-term starting job?

No matter the era of football, the NFL will never have a league where every starting quarterback plays up to the standard of what a quality NFL quarterback should be. The lack of 32 quality quarterbacks leaves a handful of teams starting quarterbacks that can keep the team afloat, and a good number of others […]