The Broncos found their quarterback solution…for 2017?

We hear the word “project” attached to quarterbacks often during the NFL draft. It’s usually used as a springboard for day dreaming. Potential is there, but only after the project is complete. Typically that word doesn’t surface until Day 3, the marathon Saturday when quarterbacks with both promise and flaws are scattered throughout four rounds. […]

Panthers had no chance against Broncos’ juggernaut defense in SB 50

For two weeks it didn’t feel like the Denver Broncos were given a chance to win Super Bowl 50. They were overmatched in nearly every area, we were told. They couldn’t muster enough offense to keep pace with Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton and the dynamic attack he leads, we were told. And they were […]

3 reasons why the Denver Broncos will win Super Bowl 50

That headline alone probably led to first a chortle, then uproarious laughter. Those impulses are hard to avoid at this point when you even try to think about the Carolina Panthers not winning Super Bowl 50. An offense led by quarterback Cam Newton, the likely MVP, has outscored the opposition 55-7 in just the first […]

Conference championship Sunday by the numbers

Championship Sunday has given us our Super Bowl 50 combatants, with the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos—two top five teams this season that combined for five losses—set to meet in San Francisco. But before we go about the business of dissect every nook and cranny of that matchup for two weeks, let’s reflect once more […]

Divisional round weekend by the numbers

Divisional round weekend featured four games decided by a touchdown or less. How we arrived at that point each time differed greatly. There was a blowout that should have remained a blowout, but instead turned into a near flameout. There was more Hail Mary heroics from Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. And there was […]

Why the San Diego Chargers will be just fine without Antonio Gates

View image | It’s been just over a week since San Diego Chargers tight end Antonio Gates was suspended for four games due to his violation of the NFL’s performance-enhancing substance policy, meaning he’s set to miss a quarter of the 2015 season. Which means it’s also been just over a week since Ladarius […]

What are Adrian Peterson’s chances of breaking Emmitt Smith’s record?

Adrian Peterson has never lacked for confidence. The 217-pound Minnesota Vikings running back whose physique makes him closely resemble Mount Kilimanjaro has little reason to doubt himself. That’s especially true now after he spent nearly an entire season away from football, and therefore he’s not a real 30-year-old running back. His football body is actually […]

Buffalo Bills are preparing to make LeSean McCoy a galloping workhorse

The Buffalo Bills just went through some intense offseason reconstructive surgery. It was a face-lift of sorts, and now the offense has curves in all the right places. They brought in Percy Harvin, an explosive slot receiver during the rare moments he’s been used properly. They signed tight end Charles Clay, who’s another dynamic option […]

The problem with Adrian Peterson

Earlier this week Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson did something so very 2015: He fired up his laptop and/or mobile device, and decided he had some important things to say. We have a common term for what happened next. Peterson “ranted”, and the Twitter rant is still an emerging art form. Those who lead […]

The Patriots have a “history of doing stuff”

At this point in the Deflategate mess pretty much all of America—no, North America—has had its voice heard. That includes Donald Trump. The league meetings in San Francisco earlier this week provided a brief rest from the still relentless searing hot takes heaved through your television and computer screen. But prepare for the onslaught once more, […]

Jimmy Garoppolo faces a tough test in his first NFL starts

The NFL did more than drop a hammer on the New England Patriots and their quarterback Tom Brady with its Deflategate ruling. A four-game suspension of Brady along with stripped first- and fourth-round picks and a $1 million fine is the league’s attempt at an Antonio Brown dropkick. A suspension for Brady was fully expected. […]

3 trade-up targets for Day 2 of the NFL draft

Let’s have some real talk here for a second: The first round of the NFL draft was boring. Oh sure, for a moment it was exciting for you, because your team likely selected a quality prospect who will fill a need and contribute immediately. With a few exceptions that was the script, and teams stuck […]

Why the Chicago Bears shouldn’t trade Martellus Bennett

The Chicago Bears offense isn’t exactly a juggernaut in its current form. Wide receiver Brandon Marshall is gone, taking his lengthy wingspan to the New York Jets. Running back Matt Forte will turn 30 late in 2015, and is coming off a season when he accounted for 35 percent of the Bears’ offensive yards while […]

3 Free agents who should be signed shortly after the draft

There’s something wrong with a player who’s still unsigned in late April. The marquee names of free agency were gobbled up over a month ago, and now only the discarded and possibly broken misfits are avaliable. Which means they’re also heavily discounted, and right after the draft once-forgotten veterans are suddenly in demand again. Any […]

EJ Manuel or Geno Smith: Can either be a reliable starter?

It was anticipated the 2013 NFL draft would be a black hole of suck at the quarterback position. Mock drafters and analysts routinely elevate average quarterback prospects each spring, often rightfully assuming the desperate search to find even competence leads to reaching. And it did two years ago, but the object of desire was a […]