Who Has The Most Super Bowl Rings in NFL History?

The Super Bowl is one of the most widely watched live sporting events worldwide that takes place each year. A clash of titans drawing the best teams from each conference in the National Football League (NFL). This live event attracts millions of viewers from the US alone, not to mention a large number of viewers […]

Is The NFL Responding Adequately To Its Brain Injury Crisis?

You can’t follow football today without being aware of the brain injury crisis plaguing the game. Not only have numerous players suffered premature deaths linked the CTE – chronic traumatic encephalopathy – but there have even been books and a feature film made about the crisis. Still, many people, including football fans, have found themselves […]

Battle for the best: NFL Draft guide and 2021 predictions

With only a few weeks left in the year, the annual NFL Draft is upon the league. All teams are vying for the creme de la crop. All mock drafts, speculations, and rumors are going to news that those who want to try football betting or, as the Vietnamese say, bóng đá trức tuyến, will […]

Safety Protocols for the NFL in 2020

During a normal NFL season, football fans would be out of their minds in anticipation of the start of the regular season on September 10, 2020. The first game will feature the Houston Texans versus the Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs. Unfortunately, this does not figure to be a normal season and football fans […]

The New England Patriots are Committed to ‘Stid the Kid’

Walking in the Shadow of a Giant There’s no replacing Tom Brady. As good as Steve Young was back in the ’90s, which included seven Pro Bowl appearances, two MVP Awards, and a Super Bowl ring as the starting quarterback for the 49ers, his name is virtually lost in the annals of the NFL’s greatest […]

Ranking all 32 projected NFL starting quarterbacks for 2017

A lot could — and probably will — change in the NFL between now and the second week of September, when the 2017 regular season kicks off. Teams have OTA offseason workouts and minicamps. Rosters can still change with free agent signings and rookie development. But right now, there are some large and small favorites to […]

Ranking all 32 NFL teams in terms of quarterback desperation

At any given time, a significant percentage of the NFL’s 32 teams are looking to upgrade at the quarterback position. Some are hoping for saviors. And others are in search of potential successors for their current starters. Rarely is anyone completely uninterested in potentially good quarterbacks. In order to establish a gauge for which NFL teams […]

The NFL’s 8 most overrated players

It’s hard to prove that an athlete (or performer) is overrated or underrated because perception isn’t something you can totally quantify. But I do spend an unhealthy amount of time consuming NFL Twitter, reading NFL analysis and watching NFL games. I know who’s getting love and who’s getting hate. And I know that in some cases, […]

NFL offseason divisional power rankings

Now that free agency and the draft are out of the way in the NFL, we have a feel for what every team’s roster will look like in 2017. And thus, we also have a feel for which divisions will be tough and which will be weak. Here’s how we rank the eight NFL divisions entering the […]

Which NFL teams will start talking relocation now?

It’s an NFL tradition. Team dissatisfied with its stadium/fan base/market/all of the above attempts to compel local government officials to buy it a shiny new venue using public funds by threatening to leave town. Plenty of teams have had success with that strategy. It’s a big reason why Mercedes-Benz Stadium is about to open in Atlanta, why U.S. […]

The 2017 New England Patriots just might run the table

I recall sitting with a few coworkers in the newsroom at The Score Television Network in Toronto, 10 years ago this spring, and gawking at the New England Patriots depth chart online. Somebody pulled it up and called us over to his workstation in order to broadly establish his point. The Patriots didn’t look like […]

Ranking all 31 NFL stadiums by their Yelp scores

It’s May, and there isn’t a lot going on in the NFL world. The Memorial Day weekend is upon us, a holiday which isn’t typically associated with football. But a lot of NFL teams have relocated to new venues — and in some cases, new cities — of late, so let’s take an updated look […]

NFL’s soon-to-be-approved new overtime format would backfire colossally

So it looks as though NFL owners are going to approve a proposal that would reduce overtime in regular-season games from 15 to 10 minutes, which has to be the most myopic, counter-intuitive and simply illogical rule change in recent league history. The rationale behind the change is fairly obvious. But the problem is that […]

Which NFL team will finally bite on Colin Kaepernick?

Regardless of why you think Colin Kaepernick remains unemployed — and it’s becoming harder to believe that his extended experience as a free agent has everything to do with football and nothing to do with politics — we’ll probably eventually reach a point at which public pressure boils over and somebody gives in and signs […]