NFL offseason divisional power rankings

Now that free agency and the draft are out of the way in the NFL, we have a feel for what every team’s roster will look like in 2017. And thus, we also have a feel for which divisions will be tough and which will be weak. Here’s how we rank the eight NFL divisions entering the […]

Which NFL teams will start talking relocation now?

It’s an NFL tradition. Team dissatisfied with its stadium/fan base/market/all of the above attempts to compel local government officials to buy it a shiny new venue using public funds by threatening to leave town. Plenty of teams have had success with that strategy. It’s a big reason why Mercedes-Benz Stadium is about to open in Atlanta, why U.S. […]

The 2017 New England Patriots just might run the table

I recall sitting with a few coworkers in the newsroom at The Score Television Network in Toronto, 10 years ago this spring, and gawking at the New England Patriots depth chart online. Somebody pulled it up and called us over to his workstation in order to broadly establish his point. The Patriots didn’t look like […]

Ranking all 31 NFL stadiums by their Yelp scores

It’s May, and there isn’t a lot going on in the NFL world. The Memorial Day weekend is upon us, a holiday which isn’t typically associated with football. But a lot of NFL teams have relocated to new venues — and in some cases, new cities — of late, so let’s take an updated look […]

NFL’s soon-to-be-approved new overtime format would backfire colossally

So it looks as though NFL owners are going to approve a proposal that would reduce overtime in regular-season games from 15 to 10 minutes, which has to be the most myopic, counter-intuitive and simply illogical rule change in recent league history. The rationale behind the change is fairly obvious. But the problem is that […]

Which NFL team will finally bite on Colin Kaepernick?

Regardless of why you think Colin Kaepernick remains unemployed — and it’s becoming harder to believe that his extended experience as a free agent has everything to do with football and nothing to do with politics — we’ll probably eventually reach a point at which public pressure boils over and somebody gives in and signs […]

Is the Saints offense transitioning to run first?

Sean Payton, run the football? Crazy, right? Consider how the run/pass balance has gone since 2006 in the Sean Payton era (note: 2012 he was suspended for Bountygate): Year Run % Pass % Pass Play % Ranking 2006 43.02% 56.98% 11th 2007 36.98% 63.02% 2nd 2008 38.01% 61.99% 4th 2009 44.84% 55.16% 24th 2010 34.96% […]

Jaguars’ Doug Marrone: ‘Blake Bortles Has Improved’

Jacksonville Jaguars’ head coach Doug Marrone has a big task ahead of him coaching the team back to contention. It has been a long time since the Jaguars were viewed as a serious playoff contender, but they feel that they have a chance to make a move back into the playoff picture in the next […]

NFL Training Camp Profile: Jay Ajayi, Running Back, Miami Dolphins

Jay Ajayi came out of nowhere last season as one of the top running backs in the NFL and helped shoulder the load for the Miami Dolphins’ offense. Ryan Tannehill desperately needs Ajayi to step up again this season and Ajayi is ready to prove that last season wasn’t a fluke. Ajayi has had off-the-field […]

6 key statistical trends coming out of the 2017 NFL Draft

Before NFL organized team activities get underway throughout the league and we start previewing training camps, along with the upcoming 2017 season broadly, let’s take a look back at the 2017 NFL Draft one last time from a numbers-based perspective. Here are six trends worth noting from one of the most intriguing draft classes in recent memory: Offense […]

NFL Training Camp Profile: Eddie Lacy, Running Back, Seattle Seahawks

Eddie Lacy decided to leave the Green Bay Packers this season to sign with the Seattle Seahawks. It was a move that disappointed the Packers’ fan base, but Lacy couldn’t be more excited to start the next chapter of his career. That being said, what should Seahawks’ fans know about Lacy and what should they […]

NFL Training Camp Profile: Jack Doyle, Tight End, Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts went through an offseason of change this year, with new general manager Chris Ballard taking over the reigns of the front office. Chuck Pagano stayed as the head coach once again this offseason, even with all of the heat that he was feeling at the end of last season. One of the […]

Indianapolis Colts: Frank Gore Must Step Up As A Leader

Over the past two seasons, Frank Gore has expressed frustration and disappointment with the Indianapolis Colts. His emotions are understandable, after the Colts missed the playoffs in both seasons. When Gore signed with the Colts, it was assumed that he was one of the few missing pieces to help them push into the Super Bowl. […]