A Seahawks fan has the team logo on a prosthetic eye

Some people aren’t content with going the standard route, and showing their team pride with body ink. No, one Seahawks fan went next level.

seahawks fans

That’s Bill VandenBush, a Vietnam veteran who has a prosthetic eye and decided to get a little artistic with it to support his hometown team.

Well actually, his wife made that decision for him, which means she’s the best wife ever. VandenBush had been, er, eyeing the unique piece of team apparel for some time, so his wife gave it to him as a gift for their 10th wedding anniversary.

As a result of his injuries while in service (he told KiroTV that he was “blown up and shot five times”) VandenBush needs to have his prosthetic eye replaced every six years.

He has two prosthetics now, this one and a normal-looking eye. He’ll be wearing the Seahawks eye every gameday or at “any gathering when Seahawks fans are present”, so the team logo will be staring at everyone around him.

That’s awesome, but also terrifying.

Thanks, CBS Sports