NFL players are finding true love through Tinder

If you thought getting a date is easy as a young, rich, muscle bulging NFL super-stud, you’re mostly right. But training camp is a problem, with players often doing the grunt work of August in unfamiliar territory away from home.

Don’t worry, there’s an app for that. Tinder has the cure for all that ails the lonely NFL player. What’s a little surprising about their Tinder use, though, is that some players conceal their profession.

They’re not all the playboy, inflatable swan ride types. NFL players need to find true, enduring love too, and a handful of New York Jets players told the Wall Street Journal they leave out the “I’m a football player and a massive human” part when dating online. That minimizes responses from women pursuing them for the wrong reasons (see: money).

Right tackle Bruno Giacomini takes the act a step further.

On Giacomini’s profile, there are no pictures of him in an NFL jersey. The four photos show the 28-year-old, 318-pound lineman smiling and wearing a short-sleeve shirt or tank top. He looks like a construction worker—which is what he initially tells women he is.

The facade cracks after he meets his dates in person. “A few weeks later, it’s like, ‘What do you have to do on Sunday?'” he said. His reply: “‘I have to do work.'”

Indeed. No leisurely Sundays in the fall complete with long park picnics for you, Bruno. She’ll understand.

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