The drama, the tension, the…re-sodding?

Aren’t you ready to run through at least 11 walls after watching this video of a SUPER INTENSE re-sodding?

Red Bull infused repairs aside, those images aren’t exactly a promising look for the 49ers. Yesterday Jim Harbaugh pulled his team off the field less than an hour into a practice that was scheduled to be twice that long. The field was quickly falling apart underneath their feet, and the last straw came when wide receiver Stevie Johnson blew a tire and went down hard while running a route.

The injury risk was far too high, and although the 49ers have promised the field will be ready for this Sunday’s exhibition game against the San Diego Chargers, the early returns on a $1.2 billion investment are concerning.

The field has hosted only a small concert, a soccer game, and one NFL game, and already divots are flying everywhere.