Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey has lost consecutive title bouts with a knockout, but wrestling commentator Jim Ross thinks the former UFC champion could still thrive as a professional wrestler.

From Yahoo Sports:

“None whatsoever,” Ross said regarding the impact of Rousey’s losses on her popularity in wrestling. “Ronda is a star of a major magnitude with immediate name identity. Her image, her marketing image, that has been perpetuated with a lot of wins, obviously, is a global recognition.

“Their network, it’s all about getting people to sample the WWE Network. Ronda Rousey, in a provocative, nicely arced story, can still do that.”

If Rousey wanted to become a full-time wrestler, Ross said he thinks she needs at least six months of wrestling school to receive the necessary training. But Ross believes even single appearances do wonders for her.

“I would be extremely shocked if she didn’t earn seven figures-plus,” Ross said.


“I say this without any trepidation,” Ross said, “if she was cast at WrestleMania in a favorable light, it would also be helpful for her in building her brand. She portrays a strong female, and I can’t see her coming away from the WrestleMania experience, which creates millions upon millions of images, being perceived as anything but what she set out to be, which is a strong female. It’s part of her brand-building, as well.

“It’s not like she would go to WWE and get nothing but a payday. If she goes to WWE, she’s going to get in their media mix, social media, their network, USA Network, and all that. Their digital network is growing and they’re moving all over the world. It would be a real good promotional tool for her, as well.”

Rousey appeared at WrestleMania 31 two years ago, prior to her pair of losses, and confronted Stephanie McMahon in the ring, leading to the crowd losing their collective mind and the seed of Rousey eventually going to WWE being planted.

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