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When Jose Ramirez comes up to the plate, he’s bound to put on a show. The multi-time All-Star has led a brilliant career with the Cleveland Guardians since he arrived. He’s proven to be one of the best offensive players in baseball and one of the toughest to get out.

On Saturday, he literally showed why, and excited the MLB world after he did so. That might be putting it mildly.

The Guardians played the Minnesota Twins on Saturday in continuation of their weekend series in Cleveland. At the venue formerly known as ‘The Jake, ‘

Ramirez frustrated Twins right-hander Bailey Ober throughout the at-bat. The Guardians All-Star kept fouling off pitch after pitch until he launched one into the right field seats. It turns out that not only is this not Ramirez’s first time doing this, but he’s also pretty damn good at frustrating pitchers to this point.

His home run on Saturday was Ramirez’s third this year after a plate appearance that went 10+ pitches. Third! According to Sarah Langs, that’s the most homers in a season since pitch counts began being tracked.

The only other player to achieve this feat? Former Most Valuable Player Paul Goldschmidt, who accomplished this back in 2013 as a member of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Ramirez will continue frustrating pitchers until someone finds a solution. Even then, he might be a step ahead. The MLB world had much to say about his historic homer.

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