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ESPN’s Mike Greenberg isn’t thrilled with how Denver Nuggets star Jamal Murray handled a fine the NBA levied on him. Greenberg made that abundantly clear on Get Up on Thursday morning.

Murray refused to answer questions from the media on the six-figure fine he received from the NBA for chucking a heating pad onto the court. Greenberg felt Murray’s response was weak, and he let him have it on the ESPN program.

“That response from Jamal Murary is one of the weakest things I’ve ever seen in my 35 years covering sports,” Greenberg said. “What he did was practically unprecedented in NBA history and to pretend that it was ridiculous that he was even being asked about it two days later is pathetic. That’s what it is. It’s pathetic.”

They’re strong words from Greenberg, but not answering questions on this situation is a tough look to be clear. You wind up having people question your accountability if you avoid your wrongdoings. In this situation, Murray did that, so Greenberg was in bounds for this rant.

The sports world had much to say about the rant from Greenberg on Jamal Murray.

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