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One NFL team is reportedly rummaging on potentially moving up in Thursday’s NFL Draft.

The Los Angeles Rams might be preparing to try and vault into Thursday’s first round. Not only that, but LA apparently desires a Top 10 selection.

The Athletic’s Dianna Russini reported on the Rams’ mullings Thursday afternoon ahead of the first round in Detroit.

“The Rams, who haven’t picked in the first round since 2016, are calling to get into the top 10,” Russini posted on X, the website formerly known as Twitter.

Two hours later, Russini updated the story with an interesting detail.

“The Rams are pursuing this trade into the top 10 with a specific player in mind, and it’s not a quarterback,” Russini said.

Plenty of mocked trades have been in mock drafts leading up to this year’s NFL Draft. We’re not sure how many involved the Rams, though. On an otherwise quiet day, this was a significant development to come across the wire.

LA hasn’t owned a first-round pick in many moons, and while they’ve gotten away with it, a chance to take an elite talent is promising. It’s clear LA might realize that, so they’re aiming to try and get into the top 10.

Whether or not they get their wish is yet to be determined. Time will tell on this fascinating evening.

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