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ESPN’s Tim Legler has become one of the most enjoyable studio analysts in sports television. Legler, who’s been at ESPN for over two decades, will see his contract with the network expire later this summer.

Legler’s analysis is valuable at a time where disgruntled NBA fans have criticized Legler’s employer and otherwise for how they’ve covered the game. If ESPN loses Legler, that’s a significant loss especially for the smart crowd of sports fans.

After the 2024 NBA Finals concluded Monday night, Legler joined Scott Van Pelt on SportsCenter. Van Pelt offered very kind and encouraging words to Legler, who is potentially on his way out.

“This wraps up the end of it. There’s nobody who I enjoy sitting with more, watching the games, doing this with… and I love the fact that whether it’s podcasts, ro going to do games, I feel like NBA Twitter and NBA fans get that this dude is the best there is,” Van Pelt said. “I don’t wanna lose ya, but if we lose ya some because you’re out there doing games that will be cool with me. Because you’re not good at this man. You’re great at this.”

SVP’s words struck a chord with fans who found his message. Everyone had nice things to say about what Van Pelt said about Tim Legler Monday night.

Amid a lot of criticism the network’s received, it would perhaps be very unwise for them not to re-sign Legler. But Van Pelt offered this up, which also caused a lot of elation.

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