WNBA: Kelsey Plum, Kate Martin Credit: aims on X

Women’s basketball is all the rage right now. It’s hard to remember a point when it felt more popular than it is right now, but with a groundswell movement in effect right now, you might as well buckle it up. It’s only going higher and further from here. The WNBA has been benefiting from the popularity boom. On Saturday, with a slate of games rolling, a photo from the action went viral. Kelsey Plum and rookie Kate Martin were featured in it and everybody went crazy.

Martin stepped up to make a huge block early in the 4th quarter as the Aces held a lead over the Sparks. That block jolted everyone watching, including X user Bri Lewerke.

“Kate Martin “HUGE BLOCK,” they posted.

Shortly after that, the Aces took home the win, and after the celebrating, one user found an incredible picture. The photo was shot after Martin made the block, and featured an enthusiastic Martin, charged up, with an equally exuberant Plum in the background.

The post from user “aims” on X has fetched over 360,000 views. It was reposted over 1,000 times, and liked over 14,000 times, with over 450 bookmarks as of early Sunday morning.

There were plenty of incredible reactions to the photo.


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