Boxer Adrien Broner is in another sticky legal situation. Police in Kentucky arrested Broner after being suspected to be involved in a shootout. He was found in a vehicle riddled with bullet holes.

The warrant for his arrest stemmed from a failure to appear in court violation for an arrest in 2014, and not the suspected shootout that left the rented SUV with some bullet holes in the side. The bullet holes in the car were discovered by police after making their approach on the open warrant. When questioned about the holes, Broner claimed he was on the receiving end of shots by an unknown individual. The shots allegedly were fired Wednesday night as Broner was leaving a bar in Cincinnati. Broner was not hurt in the shooting incident and claims he is unaware why anyone would be shooting at him, according to TMZ.

Last April, Broner turned himself over to authorities on outstanding arrest warrants for a felony assault charge at a Cincinnati bowling alley in January 2016. According to ESPN, Broner showed up late to his court date for that incident hungover and late. Fortunately for Broner, the accuser in the case also failed to show up to court, and the case was subsequently dropped by the judge, who must have been real pleased with the proceedings in the courtroom.

In light of the most recent incident in the news, fans of Broner’s have taken to Twitter to hope things turn around for him quickly, with some even suggesting it is all on him to make the changes needed.

Broner was released from a jail after just a few hours and is now scheduled to appear in court on April 27.


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