Professional boxers get punched for a living and anything above the belt in between the bell is fair game. But that didn’t happen in this IBF World Super Middleweight title fight that left one boxer punched after the bell and the other sucker punched after the fight.

Things started in the eighth round when Jose Uzcategui kept punching his opponent Andre Dirrell after the bell that ended the round.

As a result, Uzcategui was disqualified and gave the win to Dirrell. But that didn’t end this bizarre night. After the fight, Dirrell’s corner man and uncle Leon Lawson Jr., ran in and bareknuckle sucker punched Uzcategui a couple times while in the ring. Lawson left the scene and police were looking for him last night in order to arrest him for assault.

This morning, as police are still looking for Lawson, Dirrell apologized on his uncle’s behalf and asked for forgiveness.

Clearly, this is a situation where two wrongs don’t make a right. Uzcategui shouldn’t have kept punching Dirrell after the bell but obviously Lawson shouldn’t have punched Uzcategui. Technically, Dirrell won the belt but that’s not what anyone is talking about right now. He’s the one who got punched after the bell and now he has to apologize for his uncle, which overshadows his win.

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