Tyson Fury returned to the boxing ring on Saturday for the first time since defeating Wladimir Klitschko in 2015. Having dealt with various health-related issues in the interim, the gigantic Fury had a fairly soft landing against Albanian fighter Sefer Seferi in Manchester, England.

But while the fight in the ring may have been very one-sided, with Seferi’s corner throwing in the towel after four rounds, fans in the arena who wanted to see a fight still got there money’s worth. And in some cases, much more than their money’s worth.

That is one hell of a brawl, and the kind you don’t really get at American sporting events. The English are great.

It was so obvious and violent that Fury actually stopped fighting to gawk at the brawl, with Seferi following suit:

You certainly don’t see that every day, especially when the main edict for the sport is “Protect yourself at all times.” But, hey, who appreciates a good brawl more than professional boxers?

Fury is scheduled to fight again in August, this time in Belfast. We’ll see if the crowd in Northern Ireland responds in similar fashion.

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