Jim Nantz in a Vineyard Vines meeting.

CBS commentator Jim Nantz has had a partnership with clothing brand Vineyard Vines since March 2017, with the two teaming up then for “Forget-Me-Knot” ties and related products (with 20 percent of proceeds going to the Nantz National Alzheimer Center). They extended that partnership in November 2017, and now the two sides are teaming up for something on an even broader scale; a whole clothing line.

That clothing line, “The Jim Nantz Collection,” features $145 half-zip tops, $168 “Palmer Cardigans,” $245 quarter-zip sweaters, $98 polo shirts, and a $168 “performance vest.” It also features these quotes from Nantz: “Living at Pebble Beach, we wear quarter-zips every day. Ours is comfortable and stylish on the course and classic enough to wear out to dinner,” “This is a polo made for the golfer… comfortable and sophisticated,” and on the jackets and vests, “Block breezes without upping your handicap in these true-blue golf greats.” And boy, have there been Twitter jokes about this:

(Solid callback there, Patrick.)

But this leaves an important question; was Nantz doing a stealth promo for this new line with his choice of a quarter-zip under his blazer during the AFC championship game?

That sure looks like this “Oatmeal Heather” Morse 1/4 zip sweater from the new line, which can be yours for only $248.00. (And free ground shipping on orders over $125! What a bargain for those who want to dress like Jim Nantz! And can we just say that “Oatmeal Heather” seems perfect for something worn by Nantz?)

Jim Nantz's oatmeal sweater.



So, if that is the sweater in question, that’s well done by Nantz, getting that sweater seen by just an absolute ton of people in Sunday’s game (which received a 31.2 rating and was watched by an average of 53.9 million viewers) less than a week before it was released for sale. (And if it’s not this, he perhaps should cut down on oatmeal-colored quarter-zips that aren’t from his own clothing line.) He did take a fair bit of flak at the time, though:

But Nantz was playing the long game there. And who are we to question the choices of a man whose wedding involved Pebble Beach, Kenny G and a literal flock of seagulls? Also, Nantz received perhaps the most fawning profile written about an announcer in some time this week, so he’s probably due for a little ribbing. We’ll see if he wears any of this Vineyard Vines line during Super Bowl coverage next week.

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