College basketball officials horrible call UCLA/Arizona Pac-12 Championship game

Saturday’s Pac-12 Conference Championship Game between the No. 2 ranked UCLA Bruins and No. 8 ranked Arizona Wildcats has been one of the more anticipated championship games thus far. However, many are upset with the officials on one particularly awful call made in the first half.

The play occurred with 6:13 remaining in the half. UCLA star Jaime Jaquez found impressive freshman guard Amari Bailey cutting to the rim. Bailey proceeded to throw down a highlight-reel poster dunk over an Arizona defender.

However, the basket was waived off as an offensive foul was called on the play despite Arizona’s Filip Borovicanin clearly being in the restricted area at the time of the dunk.

Others around the college basketball world took notice of this call and disagreed heavily with it.

Instead of Amari Bailey having perhaps the most impressive moment in his young collegiate career, he felt the wrath of some pretty awful officiating.

Even if the refs didn’t notice Borovicanin standing in the restricted area, it seems like he was late getting into position anyways to take the charge. It is obviously just one missed call in the span of an entire game, but the stakes involved for both teams could be huge.

UCLA certainly has a case for being named the top overall one seed in the upcoming NCAA Tournament with a Pac-12 Conference Tournament win. Arizona meanwhile is playing to likely be named a two-seed in the NCAA Tournament with a win.

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