Brandon Miller

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Alabama Crimson Tide star basketball player Brandon Miller after it was revealed in court documents that he delivered a gun to ex-teammate Darius Miles that was allegedly used to kill 23-year-old Jamea Harris. Even despite the shocking news, Alabama and head coach Nate Oats have continually allowed Miller to play, and that led to quite a controversial situation on Saturday afternoon.

Heading into Alabama’s game against the Arkansas Razorbacks, not only was Brandon Miller in the team’s starting lineup once again but participated in an absolutely disgusting action during his player introductions.

Once Miller’s name was announced during the player introductions ahead of the game, he high-fived his teammates in a line as he approached the court. But when he got to the end of the line, one of his teammates gave him a mock pat-down, as if he were looking for a weapon.

It was an absolutely shocking incident given the criticism he’s faced as a result of the recent revelations, and the sports world had plenty to say about it on Twitter.

It’s worth noting that Miller has participated in this same pregame introduction routine with his teammate all season, but given the recent controversy, it’s fair to suggest that they should have changed their introduction to avoid this tone-deaf situation.

[Ryan Hennessy]