Brevin Galloway

Clemson basketball star Brevin Galloway revealed in January that he had sustained a highly unfortunate injury, stating that two body parts — as well as the container that carries them — had “exploded” after lifting. He shared this update after surgery, where the “exploded” parts had been “reduced to their normal size.”

Galloway seemed to have a good sense of humor about everything in the aftermath of the incident and is now turning it into financial gain — in a manner of speaking. Shinesty, an underwear brand, announced in a release on Thursday that Galloway had signed a Name, Image, Likness (or NIL) deal with Galloway’s testicles.

“Irreverent clothing brand Shinesty, a leading men’s underwear company, announced they have signed an NIL deal with Clemson basketball player Brevin Galloway. Well, sort of. They signed a deal with his balls. Galloway rose to viral fame after sustaining an injury he described as, ‘my balls exploding.’ He is recovering after undergoing surgery for what’s technically called testicular torsion. ‘The doctor said it was because I was most likely wearing loose boxers,’ he said. The words ‘loose boxers’ triggered the folks at Shinesty. ‘When we heard about Brevin’s nightmarish outcome, we knew we had just the solution so this never happens to him again,’ said Shinesty’s creative director Ben Lauderdale. Enter Ball Hammock® pouch underwear, the perfect match for Galloway’s…basketballs.”

Galloway has not played since the explosion. Clemson has gone 1-1 in his absence, defeating Florida State and losing to Boston College. The Tigers are 18-5 overall and ranked No. 20 in the country. Their 10-2 mark in the ACC has them sitting atop the conference standings.

If Galloway returns to the floor and leads Clemson to a deep tournament run, his senior season really will be a complete package.


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