Bronny James

Bronny James is in the process of choosing which college he wants to play basketball next season as he likely moves on for the NBA the year after. Bronny reportedly has his top three schools but according to his father LeBron, it just takes one phone call for him to go anywhere.

In comments made to The Oregonian, LeBron talked about the possibility of Bronny playing at Oregon. Oregon is one of Bronny’s top three schools, along with Ohio State and USC. Though LeBron said that Oregon hasn’t offered Bronny a scholarship as of yet, the James’ family knows that Oregon is interested in Bronny and the feeling is “mutual.”

Then LeBron said something that might get people talking. He told The Oregonian, “I think Bronny can go to any college he wants to.”

“All I have to do is pick up the phone,” LeBron continued. “If Bronny says he wants to go there, he’s good enough.”

This might come off somewhat arrogant but LeBron isn’t wrong. There aren’t too many schools, maybe none, who will turn away Bronny James, even if he only stays there for one season. Not only is he one of the top high school prospects but the added TV and media exposure will not only bring more attention to the program but help in recruiting. Even if it’s a school as well-known as Oregon, Ohio State, or USC.

Bronny can pretty much go anywhere he wants next season, except go to the NBA.

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