Charles Barkley

One thing that Charles Barkley typically does not lack is an opinion. He offered one whale of an opinion on Alabama forward Brandon Miller’s situation.

Barkley thinks that Miller is lucky he isn’t in jail and that Alabama should have seated him for his involvement in a murder investigation.

“He should have been given a time out to learn decisions have consequences,” he said. “He’s lucky Alabama is behind the times. In 49 other states, he probably would have been charged with a crime.”

Miller was never charged with the crime and was cleared by the police.

Barkley also thinks that the pressure has gotten to Miller and will continue to get him as the season continues for the Crimson Tide.

“He came out and had a monster game [against South Carolina], but he hasn’t played well since then,” Barkley said. “I think the pressure is getting to him. Everybody’s talking about [the killing] and he’s got to hear it. The pressure’s only going to get worse.”

Yet despite the team struggling out the gate early in games, they come into the SEC Tournament winning three of their last four games and they almost came back Saturday to defeat Texas A&M.

But like Barkley, many are wondering how the Tide will handle the pressure once the NCAA Tournament starts. The fortunate thing for the Tide is that more than likely, they will begin their tournament run in Birmingham next week which is an hour from the Tuscaloosa campus.


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