TMZ fail

The phrase “You had one job” resonated among the sports world on Tuesday. Louisville Cardinals legend Denny Crum passed away at the age of 86. While tributes flowed in, TMZ offered a post of their own on Crum’s passing. However, along the way, TMZ committed one heck of a fail.

TMZ posted about Crum’s passing at the age of 86. There was just one problem: The photo used for the article featured a college basketball coach… but it was not Denny Crum. Instead, pictured was the legendary Dean Smith of North Carolina, who died in 2015.

There are a few things in this world that you should avoid screwing up. Anything revolving the subject of death is certainly one of them.

TMZ felt the immediate wrath after their epic failure.

“When TMZ launched TMZ Sports, I said, great, but nobody over there knows anything about sports. Um,” Lex Jurgen tweeted.

“Man, Denny Crum and Dean Smith look more alike than I remember,” Brain Rauf tweeted.

“Hey TMZ, that’s not Denny Crum…” Justus Rogers tweeted.

“I’ll never forget noted North Carolina head coach Denny Crum,” Russ Steinberg tweeted.

“Throw everyone from TMZ in jail,” declared Mike Rutherford.

“Sure, any deceased basketball coach will do for the photo,” Bennett Conlin said.

This will not be the best day for TMZ, we think, after this fail.


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