Fran McCaffrey

It’s not uncommon for a college basketball coach to get into an altercation with an official after receiving a technical foul, but it’s safe to say we haven’t seen anything like what Iowa Hawkeyes head coach Fran McCaffrey did to an official during Saturday afternoon’s game.

After receiving a technical foul late in Saturday afternoon’s showdown with the Michigan State Spartans, Fran McCaffrey made quite a strange move, walking over to the official who made the call and just staring at him right in the face without saying a single word.

One of McCaffrey’s players tried to get his attention to bring him back to the huddle, but McCaffrey didn’t budge. In fact, he stepped even closer to the referee and just stared at him silently.

Eventually, an assistant coach broke up the odd encounter, pulling McCaffery back to the team huddle.

It was certainly a wild interaction, and the basketball world had plenty to say about it on Twitter.

While it was definitely strange, it appears to have had some sort of positive effect on his team as the Hawkeyes overcame a 13-point deficit with just 1:34 left on the clock to beat the Spartans in an overtime thriller.

Perhaps he should do this more often!