Indiana scoreboard part falls

Ohio State Buckeyes star Brice Sensabaugh narrowly escaped injury Saturday night after a bizarre incident that delayed the game against the Indiana Hoosiers in Bloomington.

Just before the start of the second half, as Sensabaugh ran near midcourt, a metal rod fell from the scoreboard, nearly hitting the Buckeyes freshman.

The falling debris caused a brief delay in the action as officials verified what had fallen and made sure the situation was safe to continue. Indiana Basketball’s Twitter account labeled it a “scoreboard malfunction.”

Fans weren’t sure what they’d just witnessed, and wondered if a quick five-minute inspection did enough to ensure safety. Awful Announcing founder Ben Koo tweeted, “Sheesh man. First round picks out here almost getting crushed by falling debris.”

“Malfunction is an understatement. Damn near impaled a player,” tweeted Jeremiah Wheatley.

“5 minutes will ensure everyone is safe!” tweeted Go Hoosiers.

“Could have killed Brice Sensabaugh!” tweeted a fan.

The Hoosiers home court, Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall, opened during the 1971-72 season. It was renovated and rededicated in 2016. Needless to say, a “scoreboard malfunction” that almost drops a metal piece on a player’s head is not a good look for any court.

On a positive note, the Hoosiers had head coach Mike Woodson back on the bench Saturday. He had missed the previous game while recovering from COVID-19.

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