Bronny James Bronny James in action during a July game. Syndication The Augusta Chronicle

While Bronny James has yet to make an official decision about his basketball future next season, Kevin Durant is excited to see him play at the college level and even has a prediction about where he’ll ultimately choose to play.

During an interview with Boardroom, Kevin Durant spoke openly about Bronny James and his basketball future, revealing that he’s happy Bronny seems to be headed toward the college game instead of exploring some other professional options.

“I would love to see Bronny in college instead of going the other route,” Kevin Durant said in the interview. “I wanna see Bronny hoop. I wanna be in real-time, see what he’s doing an follow his journey.”


The conversation then turned to where Durant thinks Bronny will ultimately choose to attend college next year. The host suggested the USC Trojans, and Durant agreed.

“That’s what my guess was, too,” Durant said. “Was it USC, Oregon, or Duke? It’s gonna obviously be easy for Bron to catch the games if he’s at USC.”

It’s worth noting that USC, Oregon, and Ohio State – not Duke – are Bronny James’ reported finalists as he continues to ponder his college decision. It’s safe to say wherever he goes, he’ll make a fanbase very happy.