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LSU Tigers women’s basketball coach Kim Mulkey was the subject of some serious Twitter roasting on Friday.

Mulkey chose a very strange and ridiculous outfit to wear for the occasion.

“Kim Mulkey is not a no-frills coach,” Ken Fang tweeted with two pictures of Mulkey in the ridiculous, pink-frilled white jacket.


“Kim Mulkey is dressed like she stole someone’s leftover decorations from the Spanishtown Parade,” Chrstina Stephens tweeted.

The roasting of Mulkey continued on as the afternoon went on.

“Possible that @KimMulkey’s jacket is somewhat @RicFlairNatrBoy inspired? Certainly seems possible,” Mike Scarborough tweeted.


“Kim Mulkey’s fashion is what would happen if you gave my mom an unlimited amount of money & access to every Ross in the country,” Justin Carter tweeted.

Perplexed, one fan tweeted, “What is LSU’s coach Kim Mulkey wearing? Plaid, ruffles, floral, and feathers?”

“How many Muppets had to die for that jacket??” Howie Lindsey asked.

Lance Medow joked the inspiration came from the legendary “Macho Man” Randy Savage.

“The Angriest Flamingo,” Tom Fornelli tweeted.

“This can’t be Kim Mulkey,” one fan tweeted. “That’s Wanda Joe Oliver’s new hustle.”


“You’d never guess this is a woman who loves attention being drawn to her,” joked Jack Crosby.

“Kim Mulkey looks like she’s about to have a bullfight at a baby shower,” Gal Pal Sports tweeted.

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