A missed call late in Florida Atlantic's win over Memphis helped FAU get the win and led to a lot of criticism for the officials. Mar 17, 2023; Columbus, Ohio, USA; Florida Atlantic Owls guard Johnell Davis (1) loses control of the ball to Memphis Tigers guard Kendric Davis (3) during the first round of the NCAA men s basketball tournament at Nationwide Arena. Mandatory Credit: Adam Cairns-The Columbus Dispatch Basketball Ncaa Men S Basketball Tournament

Memphis saw its NCAA Tournament come to an end on Friday with a loss to Florida Atlantic. It was a close loss for the Tigers, which is bad enough. Making matters worse, Memphis was on the wrong end of a missed call that led to the loss.

Trailing by one, the Owls forced a turnover but couldn’t quite take advantage of it. Florida Atlantic lost his balance, leading to a loose ball. In the pileup, players from both teams got their hands on the ball, leading to a jump ball. The possession arrow went to the Owls.

Florida Atlantic took full advantage of the second chance. Nicholas Boyd received the inbounds pass from Davis, drove to the hoop and made a go-ahead layup. Memphis’ desperation three didn’t get off in time (Davis blocked it anyway) and the Owls came away with the victory.

On the surface, it doesn’t seem too controversial. But there was one massive problem.

When the ball was loose, Memphis got to it first. And not one, but two Tigers on the floor were calling for a time-out.

That should have given Memphis possession. The officials, though, missed it.

As such, at the end of the game, several college basketball fans took to Twitter to talk not about the thrilling finish, but the poor officiating.

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