Treymane Parker goaltending North Carolina State Treymane Parker showed off his awesome athleticism in a video that’s become controversial due to a missed call.

Treymane Parker is one of the top high school basketball players in the country. The four-star recruit is headed to North Carolina State in the fall. And while he’ll certainly grab a lot of attention once he starts playing college basketball, something else he did recently is also being hotly discussed.

Parker, despite being listed at only 6-foot-2, has a strong enough vertical leap that dunking a basketball is not a problem. That vertical leap also makes him a force in the lane on defense. One of his opponents found that out when Parker aggressively rejected a shot in a viral video.

Here’s what can’t be debated. Parker went up and got that ball. We don’t usually see players get up that high, unless they’re much taller than 6-foot-2.

Unfortunately, there’s another issue which can’t be ignored. The ball was clearly on the way down. So, Parker’s blocked shot should have been ruled goaltending. This was not lost on the people seeing the play.

“Sure, if goaltending is considered a blocked shot,” tweeted one person, responding to the caption of “Craziest blocked shot I’ve ever seen.”

“Why did an actual verified social media page just glorify a clip of goaltending like it was something special 😂 You’d see this every day in the NBA if people wanted to give away free points. So confused why this was posted lmao,” one person said.

“Craziest no call I’ve ever seen,” another person added.

“Lol that’s beyond goaltending,” someone else tweeted.

If you’re a fan of the Wolfpack, there’s definitely a lot to be excited about here. A player with that kind of athleticism will be a lot of fun watch. Just hope that he doesn’t replicate this specific play too often.

[Photo Credit Overtime on Twitter]

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