Food delivery driver at Duquesne-Loyola game

From the “We’ve seen everything now” file: an Uber Eats driver walked onto the court during a Loyola Chicago-Duquesne college basketball game on Wednesday night to make a delivery.

The driver literally walked within a foot or so of Loyola Chicago forward Philip Alston as he held the ball looking to possibly shoot. Alston passed the ball and the clueless delivery driver continued walking along the edge of the court, in play, looking for his customer.

The driver’s stunning appearance on the court prompted a brief stoppage in play.

Of course, once the driver had wandered onto the court, everyone had to know how the delivery turned out. Like, did he even find the person who ordered the food? Did he get a big tip? No one knows for sure, as the TV broadcast spotted him still searching at the Duquesne Dukes‘ UPMC Cooper Fieldhouse

This incident raised so many troubling questions; the Twitterverse did its best to explain the unexplainable.

“Dude is definitely getting an above and beyond,” tweeted The Comeback’s Sean Keeley.

John Hollinger — former NBA executive — of The Athletic tweeted, “HOW DID HE GET IN?!?!?!?”

The Athletic’s Jay Morrison tweeted, “I’m never buying a sports or concert ticket again. Just show up with a brown paper bag and a soft drink looking for a Jimmy.”

“Uber Eats guy delivering some Mickeys right through the middle of a play during Loyola/Duquesne. Give this man an employee of the month award,” tweeted a fan.

“Imagine tuning in to watch your bet on Loyola/Duquesne & seeing UberEats driver trying to deliver food to the referee,” tweeted Electric Betting.

[Photo Credit: ESPN+]

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