Arch Manning Texas head coach Steve Sarkisian talks to quarterback Arch Manning (16) during the first Texas Longhorns football practice of 2023 at the Frank Denius Fields on the University of Texas at Austin campus on Monday, March 6, 2023. Aem Texfoot First 2023 Practice 7

Texas Longhorns quarterback Arch Manning may not have impressed fans on the field yet, but he has impressed them off the field.

Pics of Manning and several of his Longhorn teammates have gone viral showing off their six packs. In fact, posted pics of Eli and Peyton Manning shirtless comparing them to their nephew also went viral but the elder Manning took it in stride saying:

“They just got me at a bad angle!”

Manning has had a rough go of it of late since he struggled in the Longhorns spring game but what troubles he may have adjusting on the field, doesn’t seem to be hurting him off the field.

It’s clear that he is putting in a lot of work in the weight room which has to be impressive to head coach Steve Sarkisian.

Fans had a blast trolling Eli Manning over his body pics.

Some fans were a little bit more harsh on Arch Manning reminding him that he still doesn’t have the Super Bowl rings like his uncles.

The overall sentiment from football fans seemed to be light-hearted and funny. Hopefully, the young QB will take it that way and have fun as his uncle did with all the attention he is receiving.

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