Arch Manning Apr 15, 2023; Austin, TX, USA; Texas Longhorns quarterback Arch Manning (16) before the second half of the Texas Spring Game at DKR- Texas Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports

It’s no secret that Texas Longhorns freshman quarterback Arch Manning is one of the most prominent names in college football even before playing a snap, thanks in large part to his relation to NFL legends Peyton and Eli Manning. But the Manning family had previously insisted that Arch Manning would not be allowed to profit off of his fame monetarily until he was a starter, but it seems that plan has changed.

According to college football insider Tom VanHaaren of ESPN, Arch Manning has now signed his first deal to capitalize on his name, image and likeness, agreeing to an exclusive deal with trading card company Panini America.

VanHaaren offered a few details about what the deal will entail.

“This partnership is the quarterback’s first NIL agreement and is a multiyear deal that will see Panini create trading cards and will include exclusive autographs from Manning. The first release will be a one-of-one Prizm black autographed card that will be auctioned this week on Panini’s website,” VanHaaren wrote.

Obviously, this is a pretty major change as Archie Manning and the rest of the Manning family had previously claimed that Arch would not be permitted to have an NIL deal until he becomes a college football starter.

But it looks like he’ll be able to capitalize on the family name, after all.