Arizona ASU Mascot Fight Photo Credit: Nick Borgia

College football rivalries are notably intense. Sometimes they get so intense that you might even see a mascot fight break out!

The Arizona Wildcats and Arizona State Sun Devils met on Friday in Tucson. This was their 86th meeting all-time dating back to 1931. Unless noted otherwise, it might have been the first with a mascot fight!

Arizona’s Wilbur and Arizona State’s Sparky decided fisticuffs were the way to go on Friday afternoon in the desert.

Recently there have been very funny mascot moments. This one has to rank near the top. Although, in terms of fights, the time Rufus of the Ohio Bobcats bombarded Brutus the Buckeye in Columbus is up high on the chart as well.

Based on the reactions around them, it was clearly contrived. And I wouldn’t expect any reprimands here. So really, this was just a very hilarious moment. That, funny enough, preceded an ASU touchdown by Gio Sanders.

Given the defensive efforts of the teams today — the score was in the high 30s — Sparky and Wilbur might have had the best defensive efforts of the day in Tucson!

The college football world reacted with great hilarity to the mascot fight. Some had their thoughts on who won the scuffle between the mascots as well.

[Nick Borgia]

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