The Arizona State Sun Devils suffered a massive upset loss to the Eastern Michigan Eagles this weekend, ultimately leading to head coach Herm Edwards’ termination. The fans in the stands were clearly not happy with the performance and booed the team, but Arizona State tight end Jalin Conyers was not a fan of that response.

On Sunday night, Conyers shared a message on social media blasting the Arizona State fans for booing the team on Saturday, telling those fans “just don’t come to the game” in the future.

“Just wanted to say we get the fans frustration, because we are too,” Conyers said in his message. “However, booing us in our own stadium with maybe half the seats filled is NOT what us as players work and practice for every single day. All we want to do is make SunDevil Nation proud, but fans coming to the games simply just to yell at the players and coaches or to criticize and boo us is quite frankly ridiculous. And honestly if you are one of those people, just don’t come to the games, we don’t need that negativity.”

Conyers said the fan support can have an impact on how the team plays.

“All we ask is for y‘all’s support and cheers even through the ups and downs. I’ve seen numerous teams come back and win games because of the impact the fan base brings. For us the players, we are going to continue to do our part and try our hearts out to win games every single week we step on the field but,  need y‘all’s (the fans) help.”

Arizona State will have a chance to bounce back this weekend against No. 12 Utah.

[Jalin Conyers]