Blake Corum Michigan Wolverines running back Blake Corum takes the field before action against the Illinois Fighting Illini at Michigan Stadium, Saturday, Nov. 19, 2022. Michill 111922 Kd 318

While the Michigan Wolverines were pretty happy to have running back Blake Corum in the lineup on Saturday against the hated Ohio State Buckeyes, his early appearance didn’t inspire a lot of confidence that he’ll be effective.

The running back suffered a scary knee injury during the team’s win over Illinois last weekend. Late in the second quarter of Saturday’s game, Corum took a carry to the right side of the field. As he neared the sideline and was about to be tackled by a number of Illinois, he jumped into the air and grabbed his left knee in obvious pain as he went down to the ground.

While it was unclear if he would play on Saturday, he was in uniform and ready to go before the game, albeit wearing a brace on his knee.

However, when he took the field at the start of Michigan’s first drive, it was clear that something wasn’t quite right. The junior played on three downs, carrying the ball twice for six yards, but clearly did not appear to be 100%.

In fact, Corum’s body language and running was so evidently off that many around the college football world took notice.

We’ll see if Corum gets back in the game and does anything or, if as many are predicting, he’s seen his last action on the day.

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