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The Ohio State Buckeyes coaching staff went through a reshuffle over the last few weeks. One major change that occurred was that Ryan Day promoted Brian Hartline to offensive coordinator. Hartline, an outstanding recruiter and receivers coach, will get a shot to run the entire offense. Though it’s not yet known if he’s going to be the team’s play-caller yet.

Day has received a lot of criticism of late over his play-calling. It arguably has led to the on-field issues that Ohio State has had, especially against rival Michigan. Ohio State has lost in two straight years to the Wolverines and Buckeye fans have demanded change. Hartline’s promotion represents a sliver of that, but a full shift in responsibility could bring a new look. And certainly, a new responsibility for Hartline at Ohio State, who spoke about the potential huge shift.

Asked about what his comfort level might look at with that responsibility, Hartline said, via On3, “Pretty comfortable just because of the surrounding party that I have. I think Coach Day has always done it at an elite level. We’ve always produced, from a production standpoint offensively, at an elite level. But the support staff I have around me really empowers me. My confidence comes from having them. So, I would be very confident.”

It may still be unclear if Hartline will assume these duties with the Buckeyes. But, you can rest assured he won’t be too rattled about it if the opportunity comes at Ohio State.

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