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We are now only four months away from the beginning of the college football season and shots have already been fired by LSU head coach Brian Kelly.

Last season, LSU defeated Alabama in Baton Rouge and later went on to take the SEC West. Kelly who was at an LSU event in Houston, did a little bit of trash talking about that.

Saying: “I love the environment of a college stadium, I love coming out on that field,” said Kelly. “I love beatin’ Alabama.”

Of course that got a thunderous applause from the crowd. But who can blame Kelly for being excited? This was the first time in his career that he had ever beaten Nick Saban and doing it in his first year at LSU is even more remarkable, especially after the way the season started for the Tigers.

But elephants never forget and neither does Nick Saban. After LSU’s victory in Bryant Denny during their 2019 championship run, a video of then-head coach Ed Orgeron and players rubbing in their victory went viral.

The following year when the Tide headed to Baton Rouge to face the Tigers, Saban made a statement of his own before the game saying they had to remind people of who they are.

They did that night humiliating the Tigers 55-17, going on to win the national championship that year.

Brian Kelly might want to keep that in mind when the Tigers come to Tuscaloosa this season.

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