Bryce Young C.J. Stroud

When the NFL Draft gets underway in April, it’s entirely possible that Alabama quarterback Bryce Young and his Ohio State counterpart, C.J. Stroud will be the first two names called. If nothing else, both will be off the board early. And if all goes according to plan from there, they will have years of NFL showdowns ahead of them. But on Saturday, they had a showdown elsewhere.

Young and Stroud were both in attendance at Salt Lake City’s Vivint Arena, taking in Saturday night’s NBA game between the Dallas Mavericks and Utah Jazz. After the first quarter, the two were invited onto the floor to have a shooting competition.

Basketball fans were confused about why the two future NFL signal callers were showing off their skills on the hardwood.

The shootout was close. Stroud was victorious, but Young’s had a chance to tie things up with the final shot. But while it was close, we can’t say that the shooting contest was a particularly good one, given that the pair made a combined three shots.

At the very least, both Stroud and Young know for sure now that they picked the right sports.

[Ryan Miller, Photo Credit: Eric Walden]

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