Cadillac Williams

Despite reports to the contrary, Auburn’s interim coach Cadillac Williams did in fact interview for the head coaching position and wanted the job. However, Hugh Freeze was hired anyway.

To Williams’s credit, he did stay on as an assistant coach and was gracious in his comments about the missed opportunity.

“I’m disappointed, (but) I’m not upset; like, I was at peace about it.”


The decision to hire Freeze was not popular among many Auburn fans, especially those who thought Williams didn’t get a fair shake and were led to believe that he didn’t want the position in the first place.

Most fans had argued that because he is an alum and brought back excitement to the program, he should have gotten a serious look at the permanent job.

Although Freeze claims he has changed and become a better man over the years, the scars of his past incidents still haunt him. Given that Williams wanted the job, it puts pressure on the new Tigers head coach to produce and produce soon.

Freeze seemingly won some people in the Auburn fanbase back through his press conference, but that goodwill could change quickly if the Tigers don’t improve next season.

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