stetson Bennett Georgia quarterback Stetson Bennett poses with the Heisman Trophy at the Marriott Marquis in New York City Stetsonheisman

May is usually known as graduation month for many colleges, especially in the South. Colleges across the SEC post pictures of their athletes graduating, including Georgia.

But one name that was missing from the graduation list was Georgia’s former quarterback Stetson Bennett. Bennett, 25, spent about six years at Georgia and did not graduate, which is unheard of.

College football fans are wondering how he maintained eligibility and did not graduate. To play football, you must attend class and carry a certain GPA.

While most Georgia fans have blown off the subject, other college football fans wonder aloud how Bennett could remain eligible for that long period and have no degree.

This became a huge topic of conversation on social media as many took jabs at the former star QB and his no-show at graduation.

Georgia’s rivals got a massive kick out of this news.

Naturally, Georgia fans tried to defend their star quarterback, saying winning a national championship and being drafted by the NFL was more important than getting a degree.

In all seriousness, it is strange to see a guy like Bennett, who started college six years ago, not walk across the stage, especially when you see other athletes who came out as juniors earning degrees. Georgia better hope that the NCAA doesn’t get too interested in this subject like some fans.

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