Hugh Freeze Former player Charles Barkley talks with coaches before the game at Auburn Arena in Auburn, Ala., on Saturday, Jan. 29, 2022. Auburn Tigers lead Oklahoma Sooners 39-27 at halftime.

New Auburn head football coach Hugh Freeze has more character concerns than you can shake a stick at, but that’s not stopping famous alum Charles Barkley from showing his support for the newest member of the Tigers family.

“I will always support who’s coaching at Auburn,” Barkley told on Thursday. “I made no secret about it. I was hoping for Deion Sanders, but they went in a different direction.

“I think I said what I always said. I didn’t like the way Bryan Harsin was treated. They put him in a really awkward situation where he couldn’t be successful. Now, we have to get our stuff together to support the new coach 100 percent.”

Barkley said that critics of Freeze should consider that everyone makes mistakes.

“One thing about being in the ‘Bible Belt,’ there’s a lot of people around here who think they’ve never made a mistake in their life,” Barkley said. “I never pay attention to that noise, and that’s what it is noise. Ain’t none of us perfect, but for some reason when you’re in the ‘Bible Belt,’ I saw a sign ‘don’t judge anyone.’ They judge everyone.

“You can’t pay that any attention. The guy’s our coach now. We have to support him.”

Presumably, Barkley is considering the NCAA violations that Freeze was involved with at Ole Miss. It’s hard to imagine he’s aware of the details surrounding Freeze sending an unsolicited DM to a sexual assault victim in an attempt to intimidate her during a lawsuit, or the multiple allegations made by female students at a high school where he coached.

Because, you know, those aren’t just “mistakes” that everyone else is making.


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