Cheez-It Rooms

Bowl games are supposed to be a reward for a successful season of college football, and four lucky players will be rewarded in an extremely unique way at the Cheez-It Bowl and the Citrus Bowl.

This year, the Cheez-It Bowl has rolled out a few special hotel rooms at the two bowl games it sponsors this year and will allow four players at each game to stay in the “Feelin’ the Cheeziest” rooms later this month, according to Joseph Hoyt.

“Omg. Four players involved in the two Cheez-It bowl games will be staying in the “Feelin’ the Cheeziest” hotel rooms, per a Cheez-It NIL announcement,” Hoyt said on Twitter.

Making the whole situation even better, Hoyt pointed out that fans will be able to get in on the fun too – and take a few pictures.

“There’s more: select fans will be allowed to stay at replica hotel rooms on the field at Camping World Stadium the night before the Cheez-It Bowl,” Hoyt said. “‘Cheez-It sofas, blankets, pillows and – that’s right – a luxurious Cheez-It bed,'” per the announcement.”

There’s no word on how the four lucky players will be selected at each game, but it is certainly an honor any college football player would love.

[Joseph Hoyt]